Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter greetings!

He is Risen!!! And I love celebrating that fact with my family and my church. This year we celebrated for what seemed like a much longer time frame. We started by attending a Passover Seder at our church on Thursday night. I have heard presentations on Passover Seders before, but never gotten to see one - and certainly not participate in one. So, our family of 4 joined over 200 others from our church for this event. It was really neat and I am so glad that we were able to do it! The boys seemed to enjoy it, too. Joel at least tolerated it. ;-)

Friday we attended Good Friday services at our church, too. This was more solemn and I was focused on Evan (who was out in the service with me), but it was still an excellent way to spend Good Friday.

Saturday we mostly cleaned around the house and yard in preparation for some friends coming over the next day. We went out to Texas Roadhouse for a late lunch/early dinner, and got a little shopping done, too. Evan was most excited about his new cleats and mouthguard for flag football. (The games start next Saturday, but he needed them for his practice and scrimmage tonight.)

Sunday we got up early and went to church for a semi-sunrise service. We should have seen the sun rise on our drive, but it was so cloudy that it just got brighter outside. The service was wonderful and we even got a couple of family pictures taken. Unfortunately my camera dropped off the neck strap on the way out of church and broke. All of the pictures that I took of the kids hunting eggs turned out too dark. But we still had a great time visiting with our friends and eating a lamb dinner with yummy sides. (We learned on Thursday that seders do not involve lamb these days, but I like having lamb at Easter.)

We hope that you also had a nice Easter and that you spent some time celebrating this most important of Christian holidays and the reason for our hope!


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