Thursday, June 11, 2009


That was how I felt when I got home last night. Let me give a brief summary of my day - left the house at 8:45am with both kids in tow and returned at 7:00pm with two wide-awake boys. One of them took a 5-minute nap in the car but other than that, they were awake and we were on the go the entire day. What did I do all day, you ask? The answer - Bible study, shopping, playdate with friends, testing and figuring out the details of the crafts for VBS during playdate, trip to a sprayground, 2-hour trip to Ikea, and then a 45-minute drive home when I had to tell the kids to stop talking to me so that I could focus on driving (and not falling asleep). Evan added that I had to focus on driving so that I wouldn't have a wreck. Whew! That may not sound like a lot, but I am also still recovering from the sinus infection/bronchitis so I was exhausted!

BUT - I am so thankful that we did all of that yesterday! My friend and co-crafter, Kerri, was a HUGE help with the VBS crafts and I am so thankful that I do not have this job alone! We discovered some issues with some of the crafts that we will have to work through, so it was a very successful adventure. I think our kids enjoyed being our guniea pigs, too. After we figured out how to do the crafts and how to instruct them, we let the older kids do them. Our older kids will be in the younger age group at VBS, so this let us see if the kids would be able to do them and how long they would take. I know my boys enjoyed playing with her kids, too. All night they kept asking when we could go back to their house. Another reason I am glad we did that yesterday is because it is storming today and I am staying in the house!

And one funny story from Ikea - as we were walking to our van to leave, we walked under the (huge) IKEA lettering on the side of the building. Joel said, "What does that say, Mommy?" Since he knew we had spent the last two hours in Ikea, I asked him what he thought it said. He replied, "Michael Phelps?" Obviously my boys are still fascinated with Michael Phelps. And I had a nice chuckle on the drive home.

And now here are some pictures of the boys from the sprayground. Because pictures make every post more fun, right?!?


Joel, Melody, Grant, and Kate said...

whew...reading this post makes me tired. ;-)
Joel is funny!

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